Remember pink thong guy at the KLAQ Balloonfest? Well he is back, but this time he ditched his pink thong, for massive hooks in his back. Juan-Martin Valadez allowed me to capture his first human suspension performance and it's crazy!

Valadez is the official KLAQ Mascot, in my eyes. He loves the music we play, he participates in our contest and attends the events we put on. I met him last year at the Texas Tattoo Showdown, after he revealed himself as the guy with the dolphin tattoo on his butt. The best part is when his lovely wife, Amanda showed me her matching dolphin.

We all met up again during KLAQ Balloonfest, as Juan shared his pink thong with El Paso. Now, he decided to take on human suspension at the Texas Tattoo Showdown, this weekend. Human suspension is defined by as "hanging the human body from (or partially from) hooks pierced through the flesh in various places around the body."

I attended his Friday performance and was incredible nervous for him. The size of those hooks are incredibly freaky!

Emily Slape

Thanks to Tribe Suspensions, especially Spartacus and Raul for helping Juan feel pretty comfortable for his first performance, and I also want to thank them for allowing me to record his big moment!

Juan-Martin Valadez

Check out Juan soar above the crowd! He has my total respect for accomplishing his goal and looking so comfortable for his first time. Keep the craziness coming Juan, just continue to do it with KLAQ!