Dogs are the shizzle!!

Fido rox!!  The next time you get to blasted to drive, perhaps you'll have your very own D.D.D.  Designated Doggy Driver!

How cool is that?  My little dogs wouldn't be able to see over the dash.  (I guess they could google directions for the big ones.  That's a whole new training phase though and, so far, I can't even get them to quit drinking out of the toilet.)

My Pit and/or Boxer however, would be perfect for this!

(As long as a rabbit doesn't run across the road.  Then, well ... it's a good thing I have a 4x4.......)

I remember a Twisted Sister video where Bobcat Goldthwait uses the line "Animals are our friends ... but they won't pick you up at the airport".

Now, maybe they can!!