In Ohio, there is a disturbing new trend for drug users with pets and the Ohio Attorney General is ready to fight it. 


Everyone knows that I am a huge animal lover so when I heard about this it made my stomach turn. In Ohio, Police officers and leaders in communities have gone to the Attorney General to complain about drug addicts injuring their pets or other animals, taking them to the veterinary for medication, then taking the pills themselves. Once learning of this absolutely horrendous news, the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine got into contact with the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association and the state licensing boards to try and combat this issue. They are now working to educate veterinarians on how to recognize signs of abuse on animals by drug users trying to obtain medications.

Lawmakers are now even adding to a bill to give harsher punishments to abusers of "companion animals." You can read more about this in the Dayton Daily News. 

I looked into this story more, looking for any possible examples or cases of animal abuse to get their medications but couldn't find any. Is this just a political move by the Attorney General or is this an actual problem that needs to be dealt with? Also, if there were Police officers or veterinarians that have seen this happen why haven't they come forward? I'm really hoping this isn't true.