There has been a rumor that Gene Simmons, the lead singer of KISS, doesn't enjoy the good hygiene of a shower. But is it true?

Mary Ouellette,

In the autobiographies of Ex-KISS members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, they both mentioned that they have never seen Gene Simmons shower. In an interview with Metal Sludge, Eric Singer also discussed how he's never seen Simmons naked (randomly) and how he hasn't seen him shower.

Singer: I've never seen Gene naked, though. Gene will not take off his clothes in front of anybody. He'll take off his costume and put on a robe but he will never go around naked. Plus, he never showers.

Interviewer: Gene Simmons doesn't shower?

Singer: I've never seen him shower.

Interviewer:Maybe he just licks himself clean?

Singer: I don't know what he does! He'll come off stage, dripping with sweat, make-up running down his face, confetti stuck all over him, just totally gross... yet girls will still have sex with him like that! I'm sure he must shower at some point, but I've never seen him do it. Having said that, I will say that Gene is not a smelly guy. His costume stinks, but he doesn't. I've been around Gene for years and I can tell you that he does not have a hygiene problem. He doesn't have body odor or anything like that. It's just weird that I've never seen him shower. That's why I'm convinced that he must really be the Devil!

ow it seems, Gene Simmons himself may have just admitted to Rolling Stone that he doesn't shower. The interviewer mentioned that both Ex-KISS members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley said he doesn't shower and his response? "Okay, so what? What's your point?" The interviewer then asked, "Were they telling the truth?" Simmons response was, "What does showering have to do with being a responsible human being? What else? That's what makes you asshole, because you don't shower? Okay. You win." In honor of Gene Simmons, I guess I won't shower the rest of the week.