This guy may have just taken the Dad of the year award.

Jeremiah Heaton formed his own nation because his 7-year-old daughter Emily wanted to be a real princess.  "Super Dad" found and claimed pretty much the last unclaimed piece of land on Earth.  It's 800 miles between Sudan and Egypt that neither of those countries wants.  He told the Washington Post that

I wanted to show my kids I will literally go to the ends of the Earth to make their wishes and dreams come true,

A complicated treaty issue forces whichever of those countries that claims Heaton's turf to recognize the other countries ownership of a separate large land area. Something neither country wants to do.

So Jeremiah flew there, planted his flag, and bought Princess Emily a crown.  She says she's concerned about the hungry children of the area, so King Dad plans to set up an agricultural hub stating that his nation:

will have "a clear purpose of helping other people.

Assuming Egypt and Sudan recognize his "nation" of course.  He is currently in talks with both of their embassies.