The Illegal dairy trade was dealt a serious blow this week when heroic   U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents stopped a Colorado man from bringing 230 pound of contraband queso across the border from Mexico.

As an American and a parent, I just want to say, "GOUDA job, CPB"!!

We cannot allow Mexican cheese to travel un-FETAed across our nations border.  It really GRATES on my nerves that these MUNSTERous scofflaws think they can get cheeses in Mexico and

EDAM here in the United States.  MOZERELLAiable sources agree that cheese smuggling is a multi-thousand dollar a year racket. That is a lot of CHEDDAR!!

But it COLBY a lot worse. Thank God our Customs and Border officials are SHREDDING their supply lines. The caught this latest cheese smuggler and told him, "You may have paid for this but it is NACHO CHEESE! If you try to bring cheese into the US from Mexico, you might as well turn around and drive right back to MONTEREY, JACK! "

The cheese smuggler was fined $300 but if you ask me that is not a severe enough penalty. Some people think they should've thrown his ASIAGO in jail ! I take an even tougher stance. I say we should STRING CHEESE smugglers up as soon as we catch them!