People make a big deal at what people wear at Walmart. You should be more concerned about what is hiding in the ceilings at your local store, well at least in Mobile, Alabama.

A suspect attempted to steal a debit card, shoes, a hat, underwear and a watch. Fortunately, Walmart security caught the guy and put him in a special security office. When security went to go check on the guy, he had mysteriously disappeared.

The guy ended up messing up his whole plan, by falling out of the ceiling too soon. Security was patiently waiting for the guy to fall out of the ceiling, but he managed to get away when he dropped to the ground.

I have no idea how the guy managed to escape, since he was dangling from the ceiling for a good amount of time. The guy was able to run out of the store and drive away in his car.

They really should make a reality show out of Walmart shoppers and workers. I would totally watch that.