You've probably seen scarecrows before but, never one like this!

Scarecrows are a pretty common sight pretty much everywhere in the world.  From small backyard gardens to huge, thousand acre mega farms; they are everywhere.  These simple creations can do more than scare away crows and other animals that want to munch on a farmers crops though.  They can totally creep out human beings to!

Some peeps keep their scarecrows pretty simple, while others go all out with fancy outfits or designs that mimic certain predators.  Whoever built this guy went way over the top though, giving him a really annoying car alarm sound effect as well as an electrical charge.  This bad boy can hit you with 25,000 volts!

Something to keep in mind if you ever feel like taking a scarecrow selfie; Don't Touch!

Stay away from the tomatoes to dangit!!