"I said put your hooves in the air and quit moving! One more step and I'll shoot!"


Police in Canada are under scrutiny for shooting a baby calf that had gotten lose on a Canadian roadway. A police officer shot the animal ten times at a close range, and you can see the calf limping away as it is fatally shot. Now, in the cop's defense, they did ask the owner of the cow what they should do, and the calf was also on its way to the slaughterhouse, so it was going to die anyways. But the manner this calf died is tragic to watch.

A lot of animal rights groups have come out saying they are against the treatment of this calf and the way the police officer acted. I am a HUGE animal rights activist and even I am having a hard time deciding whether or not they should have killed this animal. The killing was inhumane but what is to say the calf would not have died an equally horrible death at the slaughterhouse.

My opinion on this matter? The calf would have died either way. But this should serve as a reminder to law enforcement that their actions, even if authorized, should always be done with care and thought. Shooting a calf ten times to kill it because it is scared? Not the best idea. Tranquilizing the animal and trying to corral it while alive? Probably the better option. Decide for yourself and comment below with what you think. You can also click here to read the entire story.