Fozzy completely rocked downtown El Paso at Streetfest 2014 on Saturday, and we got the chance to chat with frontman Chris Jericho about the band's rise, why he'll never forget playing in El Paso, how his time in the WWE prepared him to be a rock frontman and why he thinks Freddy Mercury is the greatest frontman of all time.

Jericho said Saturday's performance was the first time Fozzy has played El Paso and that he'll never forget it.

"We've never played El Paso before. We've been playing with Fozzy since 2000, we've toured the world and been to 17 countries. When I knew we were invited to play here, I just knew it was going to be a great show," Jericho said. "You could just see people as far as you go. It just looked like a sea of people."

Jericho said he started playing in bands when he was 12. "I wanted to be in a rock band I wanted to be wrestler," he said. "We started Fozzy kind of as an experiment, as a fun thing. We started to get serious back in 2009, and that's when you can see the band really starting to grow."

Chris said that his wrestling years prepared him for fronting a band.

Nobody does what Freddy used to do – greatest frontman of all time.

"You can see people want to have a good time. You have a lot of audience participation and it gets them involved. I’ll do anything to get them involved," Jericho said. "It’s the same tricks I stole from a 1977 Paul Stanley video tape I saw in the early 80s. That still works. Rock and roll has gone through so many changes. I love those old tricks – the Mick Jagger tricks and the Roth tricks and the Freddy Mercury tricks – nobody uses them anymore. Nobody does what Freddy used to do – greatest frontman of all time. You watch Freddy on stage and you can take some ideas from him, of course do it your own way, but it’s all brand new now."

Check out the full post-Streetfest interview with Jericho below: