Today would have been Chris Farley's 53rd birthday. He is one of those talents that we have to wonder what would have been. Here some facts about Chris Farley to celebrate the comedians birthday.

  • The character of Matt Foley was based on a real guy named Matt Foley. Chris played rugby with him in college and he's a priest now.
  • Farley didn't write a lot of his skits while on Saturday Night Live. He was more of a performer and would actually walk around different writer's areas asking to be in skits.
  • He had a bunch of cameos in movies, from Wayne's World to Billy Madison. But he had a lead role in only 4 movies.
  • The last line in Tommy Boy was taken from Spaceballs. "That's gonna leave a mark" was said by John Candy when he forgets to take his seatbelt off in the movie, and it's also the last line of Tommy Boy.
  • Chris Farley was originally going to be Shrek and read most of the lines. This was one of those things that I scoured the Internet for, for the longest time. And low and behold, it has surfaced on the Internet.

Video courtesy of Wayne W's YouTube page.