I've dealt with some weird rider demands over the years from bands but they're nothing compared to those queens at the NFL!

A "rider" is a list of things that a band or artist wants in addition to their pay.  Usually basic stuff like towels, meal buyouts, beer, liquor, etc...  Some want a "special" item like a certain, "high end" vodka instead of an everyday brand or kobe beef instead of regular.  Occasionally, they throw in something weird like a garden gnome or a red headed blow up sex doll.  (Yep ... you read that right.)

Photo, Getty Images

If your city wants to host a Super Bowl, The NFL have some pretty stiff demands for you.  Their current rider is 153 pages long and includes stuff like:

  • Bowling venues at no charge.
  • Three top quality golf courses for the NFL Foundation Golf Classic
  • Specific ATM machines that accept league-preferred debit and credit cards.
  • Team hotels televising the NFL Network a year before the game.
  • 35,000 parking spaces on Super Bowl Sunday,
  • 20 free billboards in NFL-designated areas.
  • According to a rider obtained by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the NFL even decides who can sit on the host city committee and how big the stadium seats will be.  (19 inches wide .. minimum .. with backs and arm rests.)

All at no cost to the NFL of course.  In fact, that phrase .. "at no cost to the NFL" .. appears in the rider over 150 times!  Check out what else they want here.

I guess I'll quit complaining about having to find "Christmas Candy" in summer, C02 canisters and inflatable pigs now.