Hey Morning Show fans, check out what Buzz and the gang have in store for you on this rainy Thursday. 

Very excited for the weekend to finally get here. Why? The Texas Showdown Festival, that's why! This Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the El Paso Coliseum, there will be lots of tattoo artists, vendors, shows, food and much more. It is gonna rock!!

Lucky for you all, the Morning Show will be giving away tickets for the event. So you definitely gotta tune in! Also, comedian Elliott Threatt will be on the show around 8 a.m.

And as promised, here is my "Random Stuff In Buzz's Office" photo of the day.

Random Stuff In Buzz's Office - Daily Photo 2


This lovely item, known as the Shake Weight, was laying there all neglected in the corner of Buzz's office. Nowhere to be seen or shaken. Hmm, makes me wonder why this was there next to the, in the, well guess you're just gonna have to wait till next time for our next photo!