Well, not Motorhead themselves neccesarily...

Don't panic, you don't have to quit listening to them.  Just try not to score in the bathroom during their show!!  This lady did and now she's got a little headbanger on the way; but lost track of Baby Daddy.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  Read the story via yahoo.com

This pathetic (I mean poor) lady has even turned to Craigs List for help!  If you were at the Motorhead show in Chicago ... and have a red mohawk ... congratulations!!  You have a brand new tax deduction on the way! 

Or do you???????

This story has been all over the place recently butk, it turns out it is BULLS***!!!!!!!

A prank story (meant as a joke aimed at this chicks friend) that was picked up by NBC, CBS, The Huffington Post and a few others. 

NICE!  Note to all single metal heads; wrap that rascal!!

Note to all future journalists; CHECK YOUR FACTS!!

Note to Motorhead; have someone other than Lemmy give the "caution, we may cause you to get pregnant" speech before the show ... noone can understand him!!