Morning Show Video

Fernie Runs From Bull in Rodeo Poker
We were talking about Fernie's experience at the rodeo on the Buzz Adams Morning Show today, and for those of you who missed it back when it went down, there is video of Fernie running away from the bull squealing.
ABC’s What Would You Do? Returns to TV
ABC's What Would You Do? returns tomorrow and we were joined on the air by reporter/interviewer John Quinones. Check out a clip of the show and find out what you can expect to see this weekend.
Morning Show Plays Pubepourri With Pie Face Game
Last week, we played a terrible, terrible game on the Morning Show — Pubepourri. If you haven't heard previously heard of Pubepourri it's because it's a disgusting thing we made up and something I highly recommend everyone from trying to recreate at home.

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