Tap Sport’s Baseball’17 Is A Homerun!!
Alright baseball fans step up to the plate for Tap Sport's Baseball'17.  The boys of summer are back for another swing of the bat! If you love easy to use not too much thinking involved baseball games, this is your ticket!
Welcome to the all new 2017 baseball game that yours truly…
EA Sports – King Of The Course, Golf Is A Hole In One!
Ok, here we go again! With every new year it seems that the games for smart phones are getting better than ever! EA Sports, is an awesome game company that puts out some of the best sport's games out there!
Now if I thought I could take my mastery of this game and apply it to a real golf course,…
Warning — The Nintendo Switch’s New Games Taste TERRIBLE
We've all been there -- no one else is around, you're bored, so you shove video games in your mouth.
Okay, so maybe that hasn't happened to you, specifically, but it does occasionally happen to toddlers and really young children. I mean, cripes dude, babies will shove everything short …

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