Get ready, Borderland. We’re bringing you another round of Q Hottie Battle.

This week we have two girls who both want to be crowned this week’s “Hottie.” A self proclaimed "Hottest Rocker Chick" and another with eyes you could get lost in.

The winner of this battle will win an exclusive, can’t-buy, only-for-hotties, T-shirt.

So here we go! Vote for which one you think is the hottest!

Meet Michelle: I come from the heavens of Hell Paso with the touch of the goddess of Rock n Roll given the throne and named "Hottest Rocker Chic".


Meet Emily: Im majoring in an aspiring actress, and would love to represent KLAQ in your hottie Tshirt:)


Here are this week's contestants for the KLAQ Local Hottie Battle! Who do you think is hottest?