The beautiful Cara Delevingne is out and about the media world promoting her new movie, Paper Towns. She's one of the hottest actresses right now but one Good Day Sacramento news anchor didn't seemed to even know who she is.

Delevingne has been doing interview after interview for this movie, so I don't blame her for putting on a fake smile. The problem with this interview starts at the beginning as the anchor doesn't even pronounce her name right. This begins her change in attitude towards the interview.

When asked if she read the book, you could tell Delevingne really didn't appreciate the question. She responded, "No, I never read the book or the script. I just winged it."

The anchor didn't respond to that answer well as they called out Delevinge for her lack of enthusiasm during the interview compared to prior interviews earlier in the week. Like a true diva, she answered with a statement I use almost ever Friday at work, "Maybe I had a bit more energy, it's the morning."

The interview continues to get even more awkward to the point of extreme tension and video feed disconnection. Not sure who was in the wrong during this interview, but I bet Delevinge isn't going to really lose any sleep over this incident.