Dear Abby,

Lisa's bracelet left behind. Is this cool jewelry? Please help me understand.

It's something that used to be just, "Look at the size of the rock her fiancee got her as an engagement ring!", and has now become, "Jesus! Look at the size of that plastic thing on her hand!"

I will admit right now, that I am fashion illiterate. If my T-shirt and jeans are clean, it's wearable. I might as well dress in the dark. So, please, don't take this as an attack on your fashion, ladies. I really just don't understand the idea behind the giant rings and jewelry.

The pic I have included is a bracelet I see that Lisa has left here. It's as big as my fist, practically! Is this a good thing? Is it cool? Please help me out here.

Is giant jewelry something a guy should buy for a girl, or is it something women buy for themselves?

-Tall and Fashionably Illiterate.