I need ideas for this Epic Meal Time contest I want to enter and I want to get the KLAQ audience involved. Help a girl out! Don't worry, I'm willing to split the prize with someone who gives me a good idea.

I am a huge fan of Epic Meal Time! I just find the guys hilarious and the meals amazing because I could never come up with some of these ideas! The guys behind the meals are giving us fans the chance to challenge their meals with our own. That is where you come in.

Let me run down the details to this contest. All we have to do is come up with some crazy idea about an epic meal, send a picture to them and hope they think it is worthy. The prize is a t-shirt,their cookbook and shares of our creation on their social media sites. I know the prize isn't amazing but who doesn't want a shirt if it's FREE!


I only have one idea and it comes from my brother. I have a pizza place in my hometown of Fabens called Flick's. They make this Mega Pizza that is 28 inches and has 48 slices. He thinks a good idea would be to get one of these and make a pizza quesadilla. We just don't know what to put in it.

What do you think we should put it in? Do you have a better idea? Let me know and I'll let you in on the prize! I'll add a cookie too because the prize really isn't much, it's just a fun idea! If I do actually make this epic meal, I'll probably sharing it with the KLAQ staff!

Check out some episodes of Epic Meal Time then get to thinking! Leave me ideas below people!