Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has finally been released world wide! Now I will probably be ignored by my boyfriend for the next couple of months.

Men and women will be spending their free time completing missions and shooting down people and zombies. I've tried to play the zombie modes but those zombies seriously freak me out. I know I'm lame.

I enjoy the games by siting back and watching the story unfold, hearing the soundtrack and head shots. Everyone loves a good head shot right?

Maybe I am going to be the only one competing with a PS3 for attention but  I have a feeling their are some other significant others that would agree with me.

SPOILER ALERT! I may not be a hardcore gamer but you put M.Shadows and his bulging biceps out there, I am all for it!

Make sure to wait after the credits for a A7X surprise! If you can't or won't ever make it to the end like myself, I got it for you!