The underwhelming spectacle that is City Rep Eddie Holguin’s Christmas light display in the lower valley has already made national headlines. El Paso was once again the butt of jokes from smug New York media weasels because our $25,000 “light show” looked more like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

In fairness, Eddie Holguin points out that only $11,000 goes towards the light. The remaining $14,000 is for security. I met “security” last night. He’s a really, really sweet 70 year old who doesn’t speak much English. If he’s actually getting $14,000 for guarding $800 worth of decorations, then I couldn’t be happier.

The video is posted below. Complete with commentary, here’s my tour of Shawver Park…

If you want to check out the light display for yourself, it's located in the lower valley. Just drive down Alameda then turn south onto Yarbrough. The park is located at the end of S Yarbrough.

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