Marlohe. Berenice Marlohe.

Jokes. Predictable jokes. Our awful sense of humor doesn’t change the fact that French actress Berenice Marlohe will play the love interest of super spy James Bond in ‘Bond 23′ which is currently in pre-production. The new Bond Girl’s previous roles include French movies we won’t even begin to attempt to pronounce, spell or pretend as if we’ve seen.

Marlohe will bring the typical eye candy to the newest Bond flick that exactly 007 people are excited about. Does anyone care about the British secret agent anymore? Do the makers of the movie even care at this point? We say ‘No. Hell no’ based on the fact the new movie is called, so far, ‘Bond 23.’ The same franchise that gave the world awesome movie titles/sexual innuendos like ‘Goldfinger,’ ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and ‘Thunderball’ is, so far, just using a numerical marker to designate the movie. ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ but we assume originality croaked some time around the Pierce Brosnan era.

At least Marlohe gives movie goers something to look forward to in ‘Bond 23.’ Do we hope she gets naked and shows off her ‘Octopussy?’ Yes. Will we care enough to see it in the theater? ‘Dr. No.’