The El Paso Humane Society is having a special this month to try and get their animals their forever home. See how you can Paw It Forward and get yourself a new family member!


Humane Society of El Paso

June 7th through the 21st, all rescue animals over 12 weeks of age will have a special adoption fee of only $60! All adoptions include age appropriate vaccinations, microchip and spay/neuter procedures.

This year alone, between January 1st, 2014 and May 31st, 2014, there have been 7,337 animals euthanized. Help bring that number down by adopting a loving rescue animal!

Remember, adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment, that's why we call them "forever homes." If you are able to make a longterm commitment, and give them the time they need, we want you to adopt!

Don't forget to help educate the community on rescue adoptions by using social media to hashtag #BePawesoome2014. Last time this adoption campaign was launched, the Humane Society was able to get over 500 animals adopted into forever homes! Help us save even more animals this year. To find out more information on pet adoptions and the Humane Society's events, check out their website event page. Here are also some animals available for adoption!

Meet Musica

This is Musica! She lived in a home with 52 other dogs and 1 cat before coming to the Humane Society of El Paso! She was rescued from a hoarding case in January of 2013 and she is still here. She is 8 years old and very loving. She is also the only one from this case that has yet to be adopted. We really want her to go to a good home! She gets along with other animals but is food aggressive. You can't blame her for not wanting to share after living in a home with 52 other animals. If you are interested in her please stop by and visit her! Her adoption fee is $60 and comes with a whole year of free food from Pet's Barn.

Humane Society of El Paso

Meet Sadi

Humane Society of El Paso

Meet Demi

Demi is just a happy go lucky dog! She is an adult labrador retriever that is  available for her forever home! Won't you make her the happiest dog by adopting her?

Humane Society of El Paso