Warped Tour is this Wednesday at New Mexico State University and there tons of great bands that are performing. There are so many bands I'm just picking some of the bands you may not have heard of and that should be a crime! Here are a few that I will be in the crowd rocking out to.

The Architects (UK)

This band hails from the UK and we all know how I feel about the English boys. Aside from that, their music is HARD. Singer Sam Carter has a beautiful singing voice, to match the startingly powerful scream. The band started when they were young, releasing their debut album at the age of 17. Check out them recording their song "Devil's Island" and see for yourself why you want to check out this band at Warped Tour.

Bring Me The Horizon

This band has been getting some airplay on KLAQ and I can see why. This band has been making waves over in the UK and even won two Kerrang! awards for Best British newcomers in 2006 and Best Video in 2012 for "Alligator Blood." One of my favorite parts of this band? How they came up with their name. The name comes from "The Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl," from a scene where Captain Jack Sparrow says," Now bring me that horizon." The band's single "Shadow Moses," when it was premiered on UK radio lead to the band trending on Twitter Worldwide and became Radio's 1 Hottest Record in the World the following week. Check out their song "Go to Hell for Heaven's sake," which has already been getting some play by KLAQ.

The Aquabats

When I was in high school, every time we had to sing a song in theater, I ALWAYS picked an Aquabats song. Mostly because you don't really have to sing and everyone loves you running around wearing floaties and an inflatable duck screaming, "Holy guacamole!" This band is pure fun, excitement, and gives you a show you just want to run around dancing and having a great time. Plus who doesn't want the chance to leave with pool toy form a band who performs on Yo Gabba Gabba! And there was once an incident at Warped Tour in 2003 involving the police, The Aquabats school bus, and enough fireworks to rival Streetfest. Best story ever. Here is The Aquabats performing a the Jamboree Music Festival in 2007.

Pacific Dub

I love my metal and rock music, but being a Southern California girl, there is always a sweet spot in my heart for some good reggae music. So let me tell you about a band that brings that catchy, feel good vibe to Warped Tour this year. Pacific Dub (or PDub) comes from Orange County, CA and are already making waves in the reggae scene. Their most recent album, "Tightrope," debuted #1 on the iTunes reggae charts. If you want to take a break from all the moshing and hardcore dancing (that you aren't supposed to do anymore), grab a cold drink and chill out with Pacific Dub. Here is the video for their song "Wasted" off their "Tightrope" album.

Beware of Darkness

I couldn't leave out our buddies from SXSW! These three guy are super talented musicians who give a great classic rock sound with a modern twist. Think if Led Zepplin made a baby with the Black Keys, these three guys would pop out. My opinion of them? Vampire rock. The video is creepy in such a good way and they play a fantastic live show as well. This song they did on Conan and they killed it! All reviews of the show were positive so the next step is to go and see them live at Warped Tour. You can check out the Conan performance under the music video. Go ahead and howl along with Beware of Darkness.