The roles would be reversed with our babies humiliating us on social media the way we humiliate them. Although at times we do embarrass ourselves with our "Throwback Thursday" pictures. I believe my baby would embarrass me worse since he sees me in the morning (without makeup), can post about my bad breath or my complain about my cooking.

Babies would tweet funny truths saying "nothing better in this world than mashed spinach said nobody ever" or about being covered in pasta sauce. Their posts would consist of favorite things  that we get frustrated with when it's being played on repeat. Baby girls and boys would look up to Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder as we do with Victoria Secret models and Pro sport players. Lastly their "Throwback Thursday" pictures would be of them in our womb for a sonogram!

Check out what kind of posts babies would share with the world on a media network down below!