The inspiration for Sweet Child 'O Mine is cleaning out her closet and selling off some very personal stuff!

Axl Rose of Guns N Roses and his muse for "Sweet Child 'O Mine", Erin Everly, were a couple back in the day.  Life as man and wife ... or nut case and punching bag I should say ... didn't work out for them though and they divorced after a few months.  Now, 20 something years later, Erin has decided to get rid of all her mementos from those days.

Is she just going to toss them?  Hell  no ... there's gold in them there boxes!  Erin is selling off all kinds of things online at  Personal photos, childhood pics of Axl, clothing he wore in G n R videos, their wedding video (on a state of the art VHS tape no less!) an LAPD domestic violence report and their marriage certificate are up for grabs.

Some of the other papers include a flower shop card signed "From An Asshole", and a letter Axl closed with the line "Think of me when you wipe 'yo ass".

Now why would a beautiful young woman divorce a sweetheart like that?