Deju vu? What do you mean he's done this before? Doesn't Axl have a reputation for being on time and totally professional and accommodating?

It's not his fault that he made Liverpool wait more than two hours to take the stage. It must have been know...that...other thing.

The thing that's alway funny to me about these stories, is that he seems genuinely surprised when people are pissed that he made them wait two hours before taking the stage. (It's been longer other places.) It seems he looks at the venue information and checks the curfew time, and that's the earliest he will even get on the stage.

Axl, quick tip: you make people wait that long for you, they're going to be a little aggravated.

Always remember, they sell alcohol at your shows, and that doesn't make people less timid about showing their feelings for things.

Just saying'. But look at the bright side: if the first verse of "Welcome to the Jungle" is your favorite, you get to hear it twice! There's always a silver lining!