Art of Dying got into the studio with Disturbed's Dan Donegan to record an acoustic version of their song "Sorry", and then asked their fans to change their profile pics to add the word "sorry" to it and they'd be included in the video for the song. It's cool when bands want their fans included in the things they do, like Pantera did for their recent "Piss" video.

Recently we had the chance to get into the studio with producer Dan Donegan from Disturbed to lay down an acoustic version of “Sorry“. We’ve been so touched by all of the ‘Sorry profile pics’ over the last few months that we decided to make a video for the acoustic version of the song featuring our biggest fans. Thanks for making this video possible, we couldn’t have done it without you!

via Evigshed

What band would you want to be in a video for? What would you do to be in your favorite band's video, seen by millions? Or would you rather just see the band, or some concept video?