Allison Red

Who are all the members of your band, and what do they play?


Tracy Lane - Guitar Vox
Dave McClanahan - Vox
Tony Aspero - Drums
Mark Stroface - Guitar Vox
John Cruz - Bass Vox

When did the band get together, and how?

The band has been together for approximately 3 years with this line up for right at a year now. We all got together through the music scened from Dallas, Tx.I'm an El Paso native. Graduated from Hanks some time back.

How would you describe your music to someone?

All that Remains
Linkin Park
Stone Sour

Who are some of the bands that influence your music?

All that Remains
Linkin Park
Stone Sour
...ish and so so many more

What is your most memorable gig so far?

Our debut show with this line up packed the house and got us exposed to many many fans. It was a concert with great sound and great bands.

Are you currently signed to any kind of label or management?


What other bands have your members been/are in?

Suicide Opera
Blackwood Ave.
Radio King
Deaf Angel

What other local bands would you recommend people check out?


Where can people contact you to book you for shows?