Like the human weirdness you have to deal with at Wal - Mart isn't bad enough?

The people of Wal - Mart have redefined the word "weird" (not to mention, spooky, crazy, odd, and a few others) to the point that they now have their own web site!!  Everyone has a strange (if not traumatic) Wal - Mart story to tell so I guess this guy just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

(Apparently, this is pretty common in Florida ... which is why I live in El Paso!)

Photo by Aimee Jeansonne Becka/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay via Getty Images

A 6 foot alligator wandered up to the door of a Wal - Mart in Apopka Florida and ... being that the doors open automatically ... was pretty much made to feel welcome.  (Except for the fact that the greeters usually smile and say "Hi, how are 'ya?" as opposed to screaming and running away.)

Employees were able to lock the door and keep the 'gator out until animal control peeps could get there.  By the time they did though, the alligator had ... as often happens when I visit Wally World ... gotten tired of waiting and wandered off.

Probably went to a dollar store where he could get someone to actually help him.