Today during a KLAQ remote @ 7-11/Fina Ronson was giving away free KLAQ Balloonfest tickets. A young lady came up and wanted to register, "No problem" Ronson said. While talking to her after she registered she stated that she was getting married this Saturday and she was on her way to the court house to meet her soon to be husband but when she found out there where free Balloonfest tickets, She turned her car around and headed to the 7-11/Fina store. On the ride over she called her soon to be husband and said she would be a little late. When asked why, she said to him " I need to grab something but whatcha worried about, the courthouse is open until 5pm"

Long store as short as possible, She hung at the remote until 2pm and won a pair of tickets. Congratulation Millissa on winning the tickets Oh yea, And on your marriage this Saturday. He must be a very forgiving Gentleman.