It's going to be a great two nights of food, fun, and friends! Join us for Taste of El Paso on November 14th and 15th at the El Paso Convention Center! This was one of the situations where I LOVE my job! I get to go to a restaurant and try out their food for free! All in the name of Taste of El Paso!

So me and our resident professional gangster/digital chick Lauren went to Everyday Gyro. This place is located 205 Cincinnati Avenue convenient to UTEP and the KLAQ studios. When I first walked in I loved the relaxed atmosphere, and the man dressed up in full '70s gear for Halloween.

We sat down and were served the lamb gyro platter and the chicken gyro platter with hummus and tabouli. Now, if you don't know what a gyro is let me enlighten you into what your missing out on. A gyro is  meat that’s been roasted on a vertical spit. Now, the way they roast it the meat comes out very tender and moist and is absolutely delicious! I didn't even need a knife to cut the meat.

I adore hummus as a healthy option to use for dip and their hummus was exquisite! The taste was creamy and complimented the tabouli and tatziki sauce. Tabouli is a cold salad made with parsley, lemon juice, tomatoes, salt, and more amazing things I can't think of. The tabouli tasted so refreshing and had the perfect amount of citrus flavor. When I was done I felt perfect. The meal was just enough and I didn't feel overly stuffed. I made such a mess in my excitement for the meal that Lauren said she will never eat lunch with me again.

If you want to check out this restaurant for yourself, they a fabulous website you can see here. The prices are reasonable and have gyros, salads, sides, bowls, and platters to choose from. I will definitely be coming back to this place. While I was getting more pita I saw them making some amazing looking fries! Their signature honey feta fries. Yup, like Arnold, I will be back.