A dog dirty, burned, starving, and alone just looking for someone to love and take care of him. And thats what we here at KLAQ were able to do! Plus, he finally gets his forever home.A couple months ago, I was on my way into the station to work/harass Scott Ronson while he played his online games. In the front of the station was a stray dog wandering around in 105 degree heat. The next thing we knew, he was in the break room, drinking water from a styrofoam cup and eating a burrito we found in the fridge (sorry whoever that belonged to). He was timid, quiet, and really was just trying to get out of the heat. I named him Little Ronson in Scott's honor and had him hang out with me while I worked. I couldn't leave him running the streets to starve, get hit by a car, or taken by someone who wouldn't take care of him. His big brown eyes simply begged to be taken out of the miserable life he had.

He ended up staying at my apartment overnight and then was taken to the animal sanctuary known as my parent's house in Las Cruces. I bathed him and saw that the dog had burns all over his chest and scars from either the heat of the asphalt or he had been burned by someone. This was a dog who had been through a lot.

I visited him every other night and documented every moment I had with him. I had never seen a dog so excited to play with other dogs and eat a dog bone for the first time. My parents spoiled dogs have an entire toy chest filled with all types of toys and you could tell Ronson had never seen toys like that before. That started the nightly ritual of  taking a toy out of the toy chest, playing with it for a minute, then leaving it one the ground to grab another until the floor was covered in them.

This lasted for an entire two months, where he went on daily walks, car rides, got treats, and was snuggled every night by me in the bed. My family was EXTREMELY picky with who would get the privilege of being the forever home to Little Ronson. Finally, a family came to see him every weekend for an entire month at the adoption fair. They had 4 daughters and one son. Plenty of little kids to keep Ronson entertained for the next 15 years. The mother was a school teacher who wanted to take my little Ronson to school with her during the week and the daughters wanted a big dog to ride. When I was little, I had a doberman pincher who I always tried to ride so I understood the feeling.

Now, little Ronson is in his forever home and shares the bed with a 3 year old who says "Wonson is my bef friend ever!" It break my heart to loose my little Ronson but I know he has a family who can give him all the play time he needs. And now, this leaves a whole in my house to be filled by another rescue. And I've seen a fat pug that has been calling my name.

Here are some of my favorite photos of me and my Little Ronson.