Howdy!  We just got all our computers all kiiiiiinds of souped up so that now; we can write blogs about stuff and add pictures and quotes and video and change the appearance of the words (like that .. didja' see that??)  and lots of other cool stuff.  Allow me to demonstrate...

Of all my hobbies/interests/etc, the 2 things I do most (outside of the house) involve motorcycles and shooting.  So, here are a couple of photographs which I can easily and instantly add any time I like thanks to our new toys!

Pretty cool huh??  Here's another one:

So far so good .... I think I have this figured out now!

This is me blasting pumpkins into teeeeeeny pumpkin pieces.  (You can't actually see the pumpkin, but trust me I could. Man, did it get messy)  I sure hope I don't upset the people for the ethical treatment of pumpkins with this .......

Niiiiiiiiiiiiice!  This new stuff ROCKS!  Even I figured it out.  With some help from Johnnie Walker.  Ok, a LOOOOT of help from Johnnie.  I'm getting brave now .. gonna try video ... stand by .......

I have sooooooooooo figured this out!

We can access quotes and other text also, but happy hours almost over. I have to go.

You get the idea though!!!  We'll all be putting up all kinds of stuff now .... muah haa haa haa haa.  Noone is safe!  be careful if you see any of us wandering around with cameras, videocameras, voice recorders .. pretty much anything!  Otherwise, you could wind up here in a blog yourself!!  And it could well be you in an embarassing and/or humiliating light!!!   :)

We're gonna keep getting new toys and coming up with cool new ideas so; keep visiting us here at!