Animal Planet’s newest star, Ernie “Turtleman” Brown, is on the morning show December 13th. In case you’re unfamiliar with who he is, check out our list why he’s already cooler than you.

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    He chases turtles all day

    Sure... he could lose a finger, but any adventurous job worth mentioning should risk at least one finger a week. Meanwhile, you’re a slave to the 9-5 work week. Turtleman makes his own rules and schedule. Not to mention he practically gets paid to dive into ponds and his idea of a dress code is cargo shorts. You can’t beat that.

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    He has his own battle cry


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    His days usually involve playing with animals

    He may be the Turtleman, but he catches raccoons, foxes, snakes and more. It’s often said that contact with animals can improve your health. That may or may not include rabid animals.

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    He saves money on toothpaste

    So he’s missing a few front teeth, but who cares? Everyone knows those teeth are only for show anyway. Besides, he makes the best candy corn face ever.

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    This hat

    You could never pull off this hat. Fact.