Sunday, roll with The Callejeros for bikers rights!

Bikers are often "profiled" or seen as "lesser" citizens.  Due to their smaller numbers I guess because, as the motorcycle community in El Paso has grown, incidents of poor treatment toward bikers have fallen.  They haven't stopped though.

Lawmakers still keep trying laws and regulations aimed specifically at bikers like "bikes only" check points and safety inspections..  It's not just elected officials trying these things either, many area business establishments operate under biker unfriendly policies.

On and off the road, it seems some people have it in for bikers.  Tell any other group or minority what they can and can't wear, what establishments they are and aren't allowed to patronize and where they can or cannot drive and watch what happens.

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There's a lot to do ... both to defend bikers rights and to educate non - riders and elected officials ... so all area bikers are encouraged to come out Sunday for the 2014 Ride For Your Rights run, sponsored by the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association.

There you'll find food, drinks, live music, lots of door prizes and a 50/50 drawing.  Bikers one and all, club or no club, permanent Borderland residents or bikers just "passin' through" are encouraged to attend.  All bikers rights need to be defended, we are truly all in this together!

For more info on bikers rights and legal issues affecting bikers, visit ABATE, TMRA 2 or the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition.

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