Al Qaeda terrorists have entered the country and the government, essentially, invited them in!

According to a story at, several dozen terrorist bombmakers, including some who may have targeted our troops, were allowed to move to America as war refugees.

WTF??  I guess our "absolutely secure, well monitored and regulated" border works so well at keep illegal intruders away ... are you getting the sarcasm there? ...  that now we have to just let them walk in the front door.

According to the story, approximately 70,000 Iraqi war refugees have moved to the United States.  I guess someone, somewhere is supposed to screen them and do some sort of a background check.  Whoever those people are, they need to find another line of work because some war "refugees" allowed to live here, have been found to have already been detained by Iraqi authorities prior to coming here.

terrorists living in america as refugees
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

One pair of al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists were found living (as "refugees") in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  They eventually admitted, in court, that they had attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

Refugee Waad Ramadan Alwan, was linked to bombs set to detonate against U. S. troops. He was allowed in and, at the time FBI agents tracked him down, was unemployed, living in public housing and collecting welfare!

The FBI at one point recorded Alwan bragging to an informant that:

"he'd built a dozen or more bombs in Iraq and used a sniper rifle to kill American soldiers in the Bayji area north of Baghdad."

FBI Louisville Supervisory Special Agent Tim Beam added;

"He said that he had them 'for lunch and dinner.'" "Meaning that he had killed them."

House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul said:

"I wouldn't be surprised if there were many more than that."  "And these are trained terrorists in the art of bombmaking that are inside the United States; and quite frankly, from a homeland security perspective, that really concerns me."

"Concerns" him?  Scares the crap out of me!