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The 2014 rock hall ceremony has been problematic to say the least with KISS sniping at each other many guests saying they won't attend.  On the bright side, Nirvana will finally be honored by the hall.

Rumor has it, Nirvana may reunite and play for us!

Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear have remained friends and still play together occasionally but, how do you reunite Nirvana without Kurt Cobain?  Keep your bad shotgun jokes to yourself peeps, I'm serious.  A photo posted on the Foo Fighters facebook page shows drums, guitars and a bass ready to rock.  The extra guitar belongs to Joan Jett.


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Kurt was not "just" a member or backup musician that maybe you could find a suitable stand in for.  He was Nirvana.  It's voice, heart and tortured soul.  It would be nearly impossible for anyone to take his place, even another former Nirvana member. Joan WTF-ing Jett is certainly one of the least likely, not to mention least justifiable, people on earth to fill those Chucks.

I disagree with a reunion performance unless it can be set up so they play with video or holograms of Kurt.  If they HAVE to do this, then certainly Dave, Kris and Pat are capable of pulling it off themselves.  Hell, Courtney or Kurt's daughter Francis would almost be more logical stand ins.  I hope that pic is just meant to hype some sort of Foo Fighters and Joan Jett collaboration.

I have nothing against Joan, she's great!  But she's not Kurt.

No one is.

IF .. that's a big if there .. this is true, what do you think?