Today, it's the best of BOTH my blog worlds!  Ever seen a "hands free" motorcycle??

This is kinda cool but would totally get a "WTF?" out of you if you pass this guy ... or get passed by this guy ... on the highway!

His name is Phil Comar, he's 63 AND ... get this ... he's a motorcycle SAFETY instructor!!  Phil rides around with no hands to raise money for the Michael J. Fox foundation.  Except for an extra fuel tank (to get him more range) it's an ordinary Harley driven by a not so ordinary guy!  Read more at

Sure, I've done this before ... for a few miles.  NOT for over 500 miles (That's around a mile for every pound the bike weighs!) and NOT at 70 freakin' mph! 

Check him out below!  The camera is a little unsteady but ... even when it's still ... you'll have the urge to hold on to something!  Especially during the car pass at :40 and a pretty hairy curve at 1:35.  Another sharp curve comes up at 3:32!

If this guy realllllly wants to test his skills, let's see him take on Scenic Drive here in El Paso!!  I bet that would raise some WTF'n money!