Reason number 267 why you shouldn't flip off the guy speeding next to you; he might blow you up!

Andrew Boguslawski was pulled over for speeding.  (85 in a 70 ... about average for me.) Andrew said no when asked if he had any weapons on him, so the cop wrote the ticket and that was going to be it. (Andrew apparently forgot about the gun he had between his legs though and when the cop handed him his ticket, he saw it.)

After searching the car, the cop found 4 guns .......and 48 bombs!!


The officer said he initially asked Andrew if he had weapons due to several stickers on the car including one that read "If you can read this, you're in range".

Andrew hasn't been in trouble before and police are unsure why he had all the boom booms.  Mental note to everyone, doing 15 mph over the limit in a car covered with stickers like that will get you pulled over and will cause cops to suspect you have weapons.

Just so you know.