Has anyone found an extra 700 million dollars laying around anywhere?

If you have, PLEASE notify the Department Of Housing And Urban Development. They seem to have misplaced theirs.

Apparently, they sent home owners a WTF-load of money to make changes and improvements to their homes following Hurrican Katrina.  They just didn't bother to make the improvements mandatory.  Around 24,000 home owners took their roughly 30k apiece and did whatever they wanted to with it.

I guess that's what happened because HUD has no idea where the money went and no improvements have been made.  (I wonder how many of these people are among those complaining that they received no help from the government following Katrina?)

If they ever offer money for improvements in the Borderland, count me in!  (I'm already discussing some awesome home modifications with my "design consultants" over at Barnett Harley - Davidson and my "engineer" friends at Glaziers!)

Is it any wonder the governments broke?