This would be great for one of Buzz Adams' "New Mexico or Florida" bits.  You won't believe what this moron did after stealing the $1800 cart.A New Mexico man was arrested for stealing an electric shopping cart from an Albuquerque Wal-Mart.  According to KOAT-TV, Michael Johnson stole the electric shopping cart because he needed a ride to an important appointment.  His destination?

He had to meet with his probation officer!


The probation officer questioned Johnson about the cart and .. being the honest soul that he is .. Johnson admitted swiping it from Wally-World.  (Since those things usually sport the Wal-Mart logo, I can't imagine why his P.O. questioned it's origin.)

Johnson was arrested and charged with larceny and receiving stolen property.  Guess he didn't know you don't have to steal those things to have fun with 'em ..... (Careful, language NSFW!)

You can race 'em!

Or just be an idiot.