Another Black Friday (or, should I say "Black Fight-day") has come and gone.  As usual, it was not without a few ... "disagreements"!

Black Friday always seems to bring out the best in people.  Folks uniting over shared shopping values, camping out together for days in front of stores to save a few dollars.  Of course all that camaraderie crap goes right out the window once the stores actually open!

People being trampled in stampedes, punched, kicked and even shot at; all to land a really cheap toaster.  Ya' gotta love that!  (I can totally see a reality tv channel being devoted to this next year. Live coverage from malls everywhere!)  These old school scenarios could use a little freshening up though.  This year a couple of ladies got into over something and took "Black Friday Fight Club" to an electrifying new level!

Nice touch ladies, you two stay classy!