It's Friday, so we know some people are ready to head out to the club and have a good time. Before you start planning your night, you might want to watch this video as a warning. When you're having your fun at the club, not only do you have to watch out for woman twerking so hard they might slap you in the face, but now they are also daggering onto other people.

Daggering is a dance that originated from Jamaica and has made it's way to dance clubs all around the world. It seems this dance move can be dangerous as this one woman uses her big booty to take out another woman during a dance-off.

I am guessing the main goal is to jump down on the floor as hard as you can in spread eagle form, then be able to twerk your booty on the floor. For you WWE fans, it's like Rikishi's stinkface move. 

My only hope is that women don't try to make this the new hot move to do everywhere like Miley Cyrus. It seems like the girl who was smashed will recover but I really don't think she is ever going to be able to shake her booty the same way again.