A woman was carried off a United Express plane after she got into an argument with the flight staff. After refusing to control her dog and place it into a pet carrier, the woman ended up throwing a major tantrum.

Mr. Adownie, the man who filmed and posted the video, described in the YouTube description that the woman's dog was snapping and growling at staff. When the staff asked the woman to put her dog in a pet carrier, she refused and became irate.

The plane was about to take off from Salt Lake City to Chicago when the incident escalated, causing police to be called in. Police then had to forcibly eject the woman from the plane. You can hear her screaming once police grab her dog. That's when the woman went wild shouting curse words and threats of suing the company as she was escorted off the plane.

No report has been released about what has happened to the woman or if she will go through with legal action against the flight.