Ever gone "Bathroom Ninja" on a fast food joint or other business?

You know, you're out running around and you gotta go.  So, you pop into Chicos or the first Taco Tote you see, hit the head and then wander happily away.

(Oh yes you have ... I've done it to!)  This lady in Tennessee tried it though and got busted!  A few days after her visit to a local restaurants john, she got a bill in the mail for $5!!

Seems the owner was tight with the local cops who ran the license plates on Patricia Barnes' car.  That got Barnes' address and the business mailed her a bill along with a note explaining the "tinkle tax".

Barnes told a local tv station;

“I just feel like I’ve been violated.”

(The restaurant had a sign posted saying "non-customers" had to pay $5.)  Next time Patricia, go before you leave the house!  Either that or find a Circle K ... they seem pretty cool about it!  (I'm not sure about the KLAQ policy re "free" flow.  You should probably call Alex at the front desk and ask first, (915) 544-9550. Whether you're planning to come by here or not, it's good to know these things.)

I've seen signs in some El Paso businesses saying "customers only", but I've never seen any that actually charge.  Has anyone else??