Congrats to Kaitlyn Christmann, for being the grand prize winner of KLAQ's Slipknot 'Mask In My Glory' contest! We also chose second and third place winners! The decisions were pretty close, but check out who won!


Kaitlyn won over Buzz and the KLAQ Morning Show with her creative idea of mashing up Slipknot and Cthulhu. Not sure how you can rock out on stage with this, without passing out, but it's pretty amazing! Kaitlyn will be receiving a set of autographed masks from Slipknot, floor tickets and access into the meet n' greet.

For second and third place, we have Jason in 2nd and Damian in 3rd. They will also have access to the KLAQ meet n' greet and floor tickets! Congrats to you Jason and Damian!