It's always hot in El Paso but, will we really cook this year?

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weekend forecast calls for some heat. Between now and the weekend, high temperatures could be 10 - 20 degrees above normal from Arizona to Nevada.  According to, record highs are possible for the Desert Southwest, the Pacific Northwest and Rockies

Friday, it looks like 80s and 90s for the desert Southwest and Saturday the low temperatures in the west could be up to 30 degrees above normal. Albuquerque may be 10-20 degrees above average. The article didn't list El Paso but, whatever happens to Albuquerque is usually pretty similar to what happens here.

The *!%#?/ freakin' wind should be starting up any time now to.

According to, summer in El Paso will be rainier than normal with temperatures about average. seems to agree on the temperatures.  I sure hope we get the extra rain!