This week was one busy week as far as sports go, but there were two different stories in different sports that reminds us that Professional athletes can be whiny little b****es.

During the World Series Hunter Strickland gave up a 2- run homer to Omar Infante, and decided to get into a shouting match with Royal's player Salvador Perez. Take it Easy Buddy!! You're the dummy who threw it right down the pipe.

Hunter later came out and said he was shouting at himself and it was all just a misunderstanding. Yeah I'm sure it was.

How about Peyton Manning on Thursday Night Football, The Broncos were up and had the ball, fans were going ballistic but then comes Papa Manning to tell everyone to quiet down. When his request was ignored Manning shook his head in frustration with a look of disgust.

Manning later said It was not the fans he was angry with but the score board operator. Hmmmm,....... guess its better to blame one person rather than all the people who buy your jersey.

So who was the bigger sports baby this week? My opinion Manning takes the cake.